Lender Services

We provide property management services to the UK’s leading financial institutions. Our experienced property managers will deal with every aspect of managing income from your security. We’re market leaders in the receivership and management of buy-to-let properties and can provide the full range of services, from initial evaluation right through to managing disposals.

We understand how to balance our duty of care to you, the lender, with our role as agent for your customer. It’s all about securing and protecting income and ensuring that the property is effectively maintained. 

It’s an investigation game. On instruction we’ll establish if an appointment is valid and whether a legal tenancy is in place as well as checking what condition the property is in.  Once income is secure and we’re happy that the property is compliant, we’ll establish the most appropriate strategy for the property, which may involve bringing the tenancy to an end, and we’ll regularly review the agreed strategy moving forwards as we know that things can change.

If we can’t establish proof of a legal tenancy, we’ll calmly use the tools available to recover the property and help to either find a new tenant or help to dispose of the property, and you can be sure that all of this will be managed with full compliance.


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