Build to Rent

We get Build to Rent. From working with architects on design to designing a marketing campaign for release to the market, we can help.

We understand the importance to our clients of differentiation in their chosen location and we can work under your brand or help develop something new.

We’ll help you strike the right balance between the customer offer, on-site services and community engagement with the need to create stable income returns over the long term, coupled with the highest levels of compliance and asset management.

And we understand that nothing stands still. From amenities and tenancy menus to Prop Tech and communications, we’ll help you to continually innovate your BTR portfolio.



  • Working with you to achieve the best design for customers and managers
  • Ensuring long-term cost management
  • Developing amenity and service offering
  • Advising on connectivity and appropriate Prop Tech
  • Understanding competition and reaching a best in class offer

Brand development

  • Working with you to develop the right brand for you, the location and the offer
  • Ensuring a coordinated deployment of the brand across all media, services and team approach
  • Designing a social media campaign to raise awareness and continually showcase offers and community activity
Amenities and Services

Amenities and Services

  • Developing an agreed amenity and customer offers
  • Devising a marketing plan and management support
  • Delivering through multiple channels, always focussed on online route as primary boooking and management tool
  • Implementing a community events plan
Prop Tech

Prop Tech

  • Delivering appropriate infrastructure
  • Identifying tech to support customer offer
  • Delivering tech to support data collection and efficient management
Set up

Set up

  • Agreeing a structure for data records, cost headings and an appropriate system of referencing
  • Managing the handover of units from the developer or previous manager, ensuring all warranties, utilities or other landlord supplies are transferred
  • Developing operating budgets and contracted services
  • Creating on-site teams, agreeing and installing furniture provision and other fit-out
Marketing and lettings

Marketing and lettings

  • Appoint a dedicated lettings team
  • Develop and implement the right marketing plan for the specific locality
  • Proactively market the property, exploring all possible local channels
  • Engage in local events to raise property and brand awareness
  • Manage the move-in to the highest level of customer service and to set the tone for the customer’s future experience
  • Plan for the management of repeat voids, ensure a fast turn-around on all voids, reviewing rent level and dovetailing with any new phases
Customer management

Customer management

  • Implement and maintain a bespoke customer portal
  • Manage, assist and be the first point of contact for customers
  • Deal with all items relating to tenancy agreements, reports of maintenance issues and other ad hoc items
  • Collect rents and take appropriate measures to manage payment by customers.
  • Monitor and review rental levels to deliver the right balance of occupancy, rental growth and customer quality
Building management

Building management

  • Implement and deliver a proactive maintenance plan, including cyclical repairs and refurbishment, regular contracts and lifecycle
  • Complete all repairs through warranties or an appropriate contractor base
  • Ensure total compliance with all legislation and best practice in terms
Health & Safety and compliance

Health & Safety and compliance

  • Ensure all certification is complete
  • Meet best practice at all times in maintaining safe and habitable homes
  • Satisfy all requirements for risk assessments and implement an appropriate regime to inspect and service all safety systems present
  • Arrange for all statutory or local authority imposed registration, licensing or other landlord requirements to be met
Database and reporting

Database and reporting

  • Set up and maintain a comprehensive database to manage all property, unit and customer information, diary events and the storage of data
  • Provide regular reports in a format agreed with the client including:- Full schedule of all units with status and tenancy details
  • Income and expenditure by property
  • Rents received and actions taken for non-payment
  • Rent reviews applied for the period
  • Cash transfers to the Hub Member
Financial management

Financial management

  • Set-up and operate bank accounts for rents and deposits in accordance with RICS guidelines
  • Operate and maintain a robust accounting system to record all rental income and expenditure
Insurance and valuations

Insurance and valuations

  • Liaise with your insurers as required for revaluation purposes
  • Assist in the processing of any potential claims and undertake related works where required
  • Assist your valuers in reasonable requests for information and property access

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